Chicks on Speed and Caitlin Franzmann IMA Brisbane

Themin Tapestry


Chicks on Speed  IMA (Institute of Modern Art) Brisbane 3 August - 21 September
In 1997, Australian Alex Murray-Leslie and American Melissa Logan met at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and formed Chicks on Speed. Although they would achieve fame as an electroclash band, Chicks on Speed started as a multidisciplinary art project, applying a punk-inspired DIY ethic to performance art, collage graphics, and fashion.

The Themin tapestry was a project developed in 3 stages. The first phase of research was to investigate the analog theremins technology, sensors were used my Russian Musician and artist Andrei Smirnov. The second was made during a tapestry workshop in Melbourne by the artists.http://www.austapestry.com.au,the manufacture included the use of copper wire for its sensor properties. The final phase was the implementation of the sensors within the textile work resulting in a tapestry The result was a sound installation where the public can modify the sounds to your liking as it approaches different sensitive areas of the tapestry.Themin Tapestry


Caitlin Franzmann Dissolve3 August-21 September IMA Brisbane

Brisbane emerging artist Caitlin Franzmann exhibits a cognisant, intimate working knowledge of this emotional and metaphysical spectrum in her most recent offering'.PanOptic Press
With a background in urban planning, Caitlin intuitively works with ideas of architecture and space in her artistic practice. In particular, she is interested in highlighting the temporal, physical and spiritual territories that lie inbetween spaces.